The 45th plant celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence with the whole team

On the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine, the management of SE 45 "EMZ" in Vinnytsia, invited the entire staff of the company to celebrate a significant date in the history of our state - its 30th anniversary. Given the quarantine, the meeting was held in the open air, in a cozy corner of the company, on its sports ground.

The workers of the 45th were greeted by the director of the plant Mykola Lyapun, who thanked the workers for conscientious work for the benefit of Ukraine and the company, conveyed congratulations from the leadership of Ukroboronprom and Vinnytsia, noted that the plant survived the difficult years of Ukrainian statehood and maintained its strong production base , wisdom, diligence of the whole team. He stressed that today the company is one of the best plants of Ukroboronprom, faithfully fulfills all military orders, its products are highly valued in the armed forces of the state. One of the evidences of this, the head of the 45th noted, is the participation of three AC-12 tank trucks manufactured at the plant in a military parade in Kyiv on August 24, on the occasion of Independence Day.
Mykola Lyapun stressed that the company has great potential for fruitful work, modernization of the plant has begun, there are good prospects and everything necessary for success, to significantly improve the material interest of the workforce.

Employees, also, heads of divisions of the enterprise, the veteran of anti-terrorist operation also congratulated. A moment of silence was observed by the factory workers in honor of the victims in the East of Ukraine, in the environmental protection zone.

The best of the best workers were awarded diplomas from Ukroboronprom, Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and Regional Council, and from the plant itself, as well as a cash prize for conscientious work.

In addition to warm words from the management of the enterprise, the workers of the plant were greeted by Vinnytsia artists. Among them - multiple winner of the Grand Prix, winner of international and national competitions - folk group "Mokosha" Vinnytsia Vocational College of Arts named after Mykola Leontovych.

The solemn meeting ended with a song-prayer for Ukraine.

The sunset took place in a warm atmosphere, the weather did not disappoint - the sky covered the sun with white clouds, saving the audience from its scorching rays, and a quiet breeze gave a pleasant coolness.

Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! Happy Independence Day - the staff of the state enterprise - the 45th experimental mechanical plant!