SE "45 EMZ" today is the only plant that manufactures and provides the Armed Forces of Ukraine with technical means of refueling, transportation, pumping, storage of fuel and repairs them.

Our enterprise for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for 2014-2020 carried out regulated repairs of means of refueling and transportation of fuel; carried out the re-equipment of the tanker for transportation of rocket fuel ACG-5-4320 in the tanker for fuel AC-5,5-4320M and the tanker for transportation of rocket fuel ACG-5-260 in the tanker AC-10-260.

The modernization of repair shops for armored troops, such as MTO-80, TRM-80 and PRZS-70, was mastered, and a deep modernization was carried out with the replacement of obsolete equipment with modern ones.

It was also mastered the modernization of the mobile compressor unit PKU-150 with bringing to the form of PKU-150M.

In 2020, KAMAZ and KrAZ-260 car chassis were mastered and overhauled for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

But repair and modernization is not the main activity of the machine-building enterprise.

For the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, modern tankers AC-12-63221 on the base chassis KrAZ-63221, AC-12-63221-01 on the base chassis MAZ-631727, APZ-8-53162 on the base chassis MAZ-531727 were developed and adopted. APZ-6,5-5233 on the base chassis KrAZ-5233NE.

For the needs of NG Ukraine, APZ-4,9-457043 tankers on the MAZ-457043 base chassis, APZ-8-531605 on the MAZ-531605 base chassis and APZ-8-533702 on the MAZ-533702 base chassis were developed.

In 2019, for the needs of the NG of Ukraine, a modern aviation tanker PZA-20-631228 was developed and manufactured on the base chassis of MAZ-631228, with a volume of 20 cubic meters.

In 2020, for the needs of NG Ukraine, a tank truck AC-27-651628 was developed, the uniqueness of which is that it is the largest tank truck - with a volume of 27 cubic meters, which is manufactured in Ukraine on a base chassis with an 8x4 wheel formula.

In 2014, the company together with PJSC "AvtoKrAZ" manufactured for the Ministry of Defense of Egypt tanker AC-12-63221 in the amount of 209 units.

The company also manufactures products for the national economy, so during the years of independence, about 100 new models of tankers and tankers were developed and more than 1,000 units were produced.

The products of our company are sold not only in Ukraine, but also exported abroad.