45 experimental mechanical plant - the company is part of the State Concern "Ukroboronprom", with a full production cycle of products and with a large amount of experimental and research work.

By the Directive of the General Staff of the Red Army № ORG / 5/4120 of July 10, 1943, the Central Car Repair Plant № 45 (CRAZ № 45) was formed with its deployment in Voronezh, subordinated to the Main Automobile Department of the USSR Ministry of Defense.

In May 1944, the plant was relocated to Vinnytsia under the auspices of the Fuel Supply Department of the USSR Ministry of Defense.

On August 19, 1949, in connection with the change in the production profile, the Central Automobile Repair Plant № 45 was renamed the Mechanical Plant № 45 USG of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.

Directive of the Prykarpattia Military District of February 3, 1960. № WMD / 11/0138 plant was renamed into 45 experimental-mechanical.

On July 3, 1981, the company was renamed the 45 Experimental Mechanical Plant.

On July 16, 1986, by a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, the plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Since February 1992, the plant has been subordinated to the Central Directorate for Provision of Rocket Fuel and Fuel of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (unit 0125).

Order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine № 47 of 09.02.2001 established the full name of the enterprise: State Enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine "45 Experimental Mechanical Order of the Red Banner of Labor Plant".

In accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 29.12.2010 № 1221 "On the establishment of the State Concern" Ukroboronprom ", the company was included in the concern.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by decision of 27.10.2011 № 51375/0 / 1-11 decided to transfer SE "45 EMZ" from the sphere of management of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine to the management of SC "Ukroboronprom".

The plant is a leading enterprise for the production of technical means of transportation, refueling, pumping and storage of petroleum products.

Possessing unique equipment (presses with a force of up to 2500 tons, CNC machines, etc.), a large documentary and technical base, the company accepts individual orders for the manufacture of various products according to sketches or drawings of the customer from ferrous and stainless steels and nonferrous metals.

In order to expand markets, the plant establishes close relationships with organizations that are directly involved in the sale of machine-building products. Recently, another priority of 45 EMZ is the procurement and processing of ferrous scrap, as well as the sale of metal products. We aim for long-term cooperation and strong partnerships, so we try to offer our customers the most favorable conditions for them.