ADC-10-5340C5 tank truck

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The ADC-10-5340C5 milk tanker is a transport measure of full capacity and is intended for transportation of milk from dairy farms and reception points to the enterprises on milk processing on roads of all categories. The tank truck can also be used to transport food.

The tank truck is made for operation in the conditions of a temperate climate at ambient temperatures from plus 40 ° C to minus 45 °C.      

The basic chassis is the chassis of the MAZ-5340S5 car.

The thermal insulation of the tank does not allow the milk temperature to change by more than 20 ° С for 10 hours at a difference between the milk and ambient temperatures of 30 ° С.

The name of the parameter


Number of sections, pcs.


Nominal capacity, m3 (l):


- 1st section

4 (4000)

- 2nd section

1,9 (1900)

- 3rd section

4,1 (4100)

The main relative error of the actual capacity of each section,%, not more

± 0,2

Inner diameter of the neck, mm


Equipped weight of the tank truck, kg, no more


Total weight of the tank truck, kg, no more


Distribution of total weight on axes, kg, no more:

- front axle

- rear axle




Overall dimensions of the tank truck, mm, no more:

- length

- width

- height





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